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Welcome to EBO, the first-ever on-demand technology connecting experts to media outlets globally.

EBO is a matching engine connecting subject matter experts to media on-demand. Manual bookings take hours, days, and even weeks resulting in canceled bookings, repetitive content, and one-dimensional perspectives on air. This friction creates an unconscious bias that negatively impacts on-air diversity .

Content Creators are expected to find, vet, and schedule experts within a moment’s notice using old tech and manual processes. These processes take too much time, relationship building, and industry knowledge. We built a solution that matches creators with experts in a moment's notice. This saved everyone time, money, and valuable resources.

Our mission-centered technology advances diversity in newsrooms and ensures fair  news coverage of communities of color. Our team has facilitated bookings for FOX Business, SxSw, Medium Magazine, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and BNC. EBO is a proud partner of Black Speakers Network, WIN Executive Summit, and Black Women Talk Tech.

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