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Our vision at Expert Bookings Online is to be the catalyst for global expansion of multi-ethnic leadership and influence in media and Corporate America by providing diverse perspectives, purposeful voices, and vetted subject matter experts access to coveted platforms by deregulating the process of media bookings.

Crystal I. Berger, our founder, is dedicated to bringing the niche of television, radio and virtual expert bookings to the 21st Century. She has worked nearly a decade at the #1 Cable News Network, in the #1 Media Market in the nation as a feature host, senior booking producer and affiliates coordinator to over 1,300 local stations nationwide.


Crystal identified a significant lack in access to diverse perspectives and the use of smart technology in newsrooms across the nation. Crystal created Expert Bookings Online to be a solution to barriers to entry in media while maximizing operational efficiency via the use of smart technology.




what we do

Expert Bookings Online finds, vets and books subject matter experts for radio, television and the web on demand with ease, efficiency and effectiveness. We reduce costs to stations by cutting out the middle man while helping publicists be more resourceful; expanding their clients access to reputable broadcast platforms. 

Expert Bookings Online mission is to provide all forms of media broadcasts with an immediate digital solution to book guest experts and empower experts to scale their voices in the global media landscape. EBO provides a smart, safe and streamlined process for subject matter experts to be social, be vetted and get booked for media appearances. 

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who we serve

At Expert Bookings Online, we value excellence, efficiency and equity.

Our subject matter experts are afforded greater visibility for their messages, businesses, and brands. Local radio and television stations gain access to an exclusive pool of vetted, media trained subject matter experts that offer more compelling and timely contributions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Publicists scale their offerings to clients while reducing workloads by using our fast and efficient client booking solution offering greater media exposure on a more consistent basis. National networks minimize wasted human capital and maximize efficiency by streamlining employee workload and workflow. 


Former Producer & Host

FOX Affiliate Savannah, GA

"As a producer and morning drive talk show host at a mid-market station, having access to vetted experts, the moment news breaks makes my workload lighter, my content richer and my day-to-day heavy lifts more enjoyable."


Principal Publicist, Intel Media Group

NAACP, Fox Entertainment, NBCUniversal,

"I'm a millinneal that values anything the saves me time, phone calls and preserves efficiency. I love being able to find, vet and book technology, sports and entertainment clients



Station Owner & National Radio Host

ESPN Radio and WSJK Chicago, IL

"Expert Bookings Founder, Crystal is someone who can get it done! She's enthusiastic, has an impact on her audience and makes people believe they can do it too.

We trust her technology to deliver results! "


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