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"Making media bookings fast, efficient, and inclusive."

Crystal I. Berger, EBO Founder

Being the only 'one' in the room has the exhilarating power to change the impact of

any room."


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

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One is not enough...

We're on a mission to break barriers to entry in media by offering diverse perspectives to all platforms 

Working as the only full-time African American woman in the newsroom for over a decade, our founder realized one way to eradicate racial stereotypes  in our society is by providing access to diverse perspectives on all platforms and implementing inclusive and equitable practices in every newsroom.



Diversity is a business imperative. Concentrated efforts to highlight diversity are necessary for reaching new audiences and staying relevant to younger changing audiences. Readers pay attention to the content that speaks to or serves their identity.​

Diversity is a journalism imperative. Without accounting for the range of lived experiences, we fail to serve parts of our communities. Journalism, in its truest form, should be produced for the benefit of all, not only those who wield a particular power, class or authority. Read more...

For these reasons, we created Expert Bookings Online, not simply to serve the underserved, but to expand the horizons of all who will be served by our voices, our narratives and our unique contributions to the media landscape and the world. 

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